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The Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (TOFA) is a biennial event of the experimental, theoretical, and computational thermodynamics international community, which is organized by research groups associated to universities and research institutes. The meeting started with the association of researchers working in European universities. This, and the link with the so called COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technologies) actions, justify the fact that most  meetings happened in European countries. At least three COST actions (COST507, “A database for the development of new light alloys”, COST531, “Thermodynamics of lead-free alloys as soldering materials” e COST535 “THALU – Thermodynamics of alloyed aluminides”) used the Meeting as main gathering event in the past.

The idea of organizing a TOFA meeting in Brazil emerged in a conversation between Prof. Cláudio Schön and Prof. Dr. Herbert Ipser in 2010 (In Porto, Portugal). South America countries have a large tradition in thermodynamic studies in materials, but the community has difficulties in participating in transoceanic events due to the increased traveling costs. The realization of TOFA in Brazil will, hopefully, increase the participation of these colleagues, while it will give the opportunity to colleagues in Europe, North America and Asia, to interact with them.

The meeting will be held  in Santos, a well known touristic attraction in the southeastern coast of Brazil, during the first week of September 2016, the last period of winter. The proximity to the Capricorn Circle, however, brings mild temperatures and, most important, dry weather.  Santos is also the largest Port in the South Atlantic and is close to the industrial city of Cubatao and of the Sao Paulo megalopolis, which provides good infrastructure (airport and road connections) and facilities for events. The recent inauguration of an advanced campus of the Escola Politécnica of USP in the city center, hosting the Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate course, also allows to keep a “tradition” of TOFA: the conference activities, whenever possible, are hosted at the premises of an university allowing to keep an academic flare.

We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you in our country, to share with us the results of your research and to make contact with the colleagues. =]


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